Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Top 10 twitter applications

The Best Ten Tools for Twitter Freaks

  1. Twellow – This web site has huge database of Twitter users sorted nicely into categories! Very good way to follow and get some related followers. There’s many categories where you can find related peoples.
  2. TweetLater – This is really great tool where you can automatically follow people that follow you and you can submit tweets to be published at specific times. Very good and very effective tool for all Twitter freaks for sure!
  3. TwitExplorer – Full featured Twitter client on the internet. Allowing you to manage your followers and tweets in better way than from regular Twitter page! This tool allows you many extended functions for your Twitter account!
  4. Twitter Gallery – Very nice service which allows you to easily install themes on your twitter account! Large amount of good and quality Twitter page themes for your pleasure!
  5. Tweetr – Desktop Twitter application for Windows and Mac PC! Very nice tool which allows you to update your status, upload files, read tweets, direct messages and much much more. File send limit is 10 Mb. Very good desktop tool for all Twitter addicts!
  6. TwitThis – It is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the webpage and creates a shorter URL using own URL shortener!
  7. Twitterholic – Finds most popular tweets and users on Twitter. Good way to see how much other users are popular on this service. Allowing you to follow most popular users and discover you how they become popular!
  8. Twitrans - Translate Your Tweets to Any Language by Human Translators. @twitrans help for more inforomations.
  9. Read My Tweets – Read tweets from others and they will read your too. Very nice service which allows you to find related tweets from many users on Twitter!
  10. Mr.Tweet - Mr. Tweet helps you easily build meaningful relationships by looking through your network and tweets. Very useful to discover new Tweeters related to you!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Ripped my bloody brand new jeans.

I am actually raging.

I bought a pair of £40 jeans from an unnamed shop at the end of december and I've somehow managed to completely rip the arsehole out of them.

All by just sitting down.

Now these jeans are not very tight around the backside. The legs are a bit tight but that shouldn't have any affect on the arse of them. It was actually like something out of a film.
You know the slapstick thing when someone sits down and splits their trousers.

I shall be returning them swiftly to the shop on Tuesday hopefully for a replacement.

Wish me luck

College work

Why is it that I always seem to leave college work that I've had for ages until the last minute?

It's the end of the first block on friday and I've been working my ass off the past few days to get everything finished.

Luckily I think I'm back on track which is good, but I think I need someone to come and beat some sense into me so that I don't leave everything to the last minute anymore because I just start to stress when it all gets too much.

Not long until I get a week off though.

Thursday, 1 January 2009


What the hell is the deal with tongues?

Well apart from helping you speak and digest things?
They just get in the bloody way.

I have been completely unable to eat anything without being in complete agony for the past day due to biting my tongue THREE buggering times last night. Now I have a cut in it and it stings like a bitch.

Now how someone can bite their own tongue three times in one night is beyond me but somehow I have managed to, meaning I am either a complete 'tard or I just have a Fat tongue that doesn't fit in my mouth properly. I never used to have this problem so could it be linked to my old age now?

A question I shall never know the answer to.

For now I just have to put up with being unable to eat anything apart from the biggest of the three types of mars planets. They are the softest incase you are unaware.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone who reads this.

I hope you have a good one.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Advent Calendars.

I just opened the last bit of my advent calendar.

Twas a bounty. Not what I'd hoped for really. Quite fancied a nice galaxy caramel to end the countdown.
It's my favourite you see.

Feel free to send me any donations of Galaxy Caramels that you don't want, or Hey if you're reading this Mr/Mrs Galaxy Caramel company people. I'll be more than willing to enter into a sponsorship deal?

I'll turn this whole blog into a galaxy caramel wrapper.


Anyway that's beside the point really.
I just wanted to ask. Why chocolate? What relation to Christmas does Chocolate in a countdown calendar have to the birth of jesus christ?

Was he given a nice lump of Jewish chocolate from one of the three kings?


In one of my favourite episodes of Bottom. Spudgun, Dave Hedgehog and Eddie Play the three kings and one of the gifts is a packet of Terry's All Gold. Get it? Gold...Terry's all gold ach never mind.

It's funny and you should watch it.

If you know the answer to my many questions up there then please get in touch.


Holy buggerations how much of an arsehole is

I have submitted so many stories yet none of them even seem to make it past the 1 Digg mark.
How in god's name do these people manage to get 1000's of diggs on their shitty story about how the stocks and the bonds are going all over the place, when I post one of a fat person on a moped and it gets none. Well apart from the 1 digg that I give it.

Surely someone else in the world of digg must find it funny. Perhaps everyone on digg is just out to get me.

Oh there's that pube beezer again with another of the funniest things I've ever seen. Shan't digg it though. Just because I'm a dick.

Digg me please.